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8 months ago

Director’s Message

Welcome students, parents, teachers, and staff to a great year at Allendale-Fairfax High School Career and Technology Center (AFHS-CTC).  It is my pleasure and honor to serve as the Director of AFHS-CTC .  It is my goal to continue to assist and support students, parents, teachers, and staff in a fashion that will allow us to best serve each and every student that attends AFHS-CTC.  I will work diligently to make certain AFHS-CTC is safe, orderly, and provides the best project-based learning experience for our students here at the center.  We are also infusing career and technology education with the new ELA and Math Standards to increase learning and student achievement.  We will also require all completers to take the Work Keys career readiness exam as well as offer the COMPASS exam for students who plan to attend post-secondary institutions. The ASVAB is also offered for students who plan to enlist in the military.

 I am excited and anticipate a successful school year that will be marked by success.  We will focus on improving students for post-secondary activities, increase the rigor of instructions in all classes through project-based learning, provide support system that allows all students to be successful and focused on providing quality instructions on a daily basis. We welcome you to visit AFHS-CTC so you can experience the great things that are happening at AFHS-CTC.

Mona Lisa Anderson, Ed.S.
Assistant Principal
Phone: (803) 584-2311 Ext. 1325 

For Parents

8 months ago


* To meet all your academic obligations to the very best of your abilities

* To be treated with respect by all members of the school

* To treat all members of the school community, both pupils and staff, with respect

* To be personally safe

* To help make the school a safe environment for all students

* To do your school work in clean surroundings and to help keep the school a clean place for everyone

* To express yourself in a manner that will not cause disruption, disturbance, or embarrassment to others

* To know and understand individual classroom and school-wide discipline policies and to avoid behaviors which would be violations of these behavioral expectations



* To treat all members of the school community, both pupils and staff, with respect

* To be treated with respect by all members of the school community

* To help make the school a safe environment for all students

* To expect an appropriate education for their child

* To express their opinion

* To inspect all portions of their child's records

* To expect fair application of all school-wide policies

* To actively participate in their child’s education



From time to time, parents may wish to bring concerns to the attention of appropriate school officials. To assist parents in this regard, the following general guidelines may be helpful:

* The parent should first raise any concern regarding a school-related matter with the staff member most directly involved.

* If the matter remains unresolved, the parent should contact the AFHS Career and Technology Center administrator.

* If the matter persists, the Principal should be contacted. The Principal has authority to make final judgments regarding student discipline and other building policy matters.

* If the parent continues to feel the problem is not resolved, the parent may wish to contact the school Superintendent for guidance.

We request that parents use the progressive steps outlined above as the teacher or other staff member most directly involved can address most problems satisfactorily. Starting “at the top” inevitably results in no decision and the matter being remanded to the staff member most directly involved.

Parents and school personnel are expected to show each other respect in all communications and to listen to the other’s viewpoints. Respectful and reasoned communication between the parents and school personnel is helpful in obtaining satisfactory resolution of concerns.